Encirc Glass can offer a full concept design process to our clients.

From initial concept through to nal production, our dedicated team of specialist designers will work alongside you throughout, using Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create the most innovative and effective solutions for your brief.

Their aim is to ensure that the technical quality of the container is high, whilst the aesthetic quality meets your requirements. This includes any engraving or logo required to identify the brand name.

They've the ability to re-design, make an existing product more lightweight, or design a complete new product. Basically, whatever suits your specific desires or needs for both shaped and round containers.

As well as 3D visuals and acrylic models, we can also offer trial production, which gives you the opportunity to view and test the product before bulk production. Once approved, we can then proceed to a full bulk production.

With both Product and Concept facilities we have the ability to mix and match any size, shape, weight and features of a glass container to suit your project and budget. Whatever it is intrinsic to the branding of a product will make a distinctive statement at the point of sale.